Baby Shower Activities Your Guests Actually WANT to do! (Plus, an awesome Freebie!)

baby shower activities that your guests actually want to do, plus a free download!

Planning a baby shower is a lot of work, girlfriend. You’ve got the invitations & guest list, the food, the party favors and the…games? Ohhh the games. I’ll admit, there are a couple fun baby shower games, but let’s be honest, we’re all there to ogle over mama and that cute bump. Oh, and the teeny tiny baby clothes!

Baby showers are all about celebrating the mama-to-be, and while games can be a fun addition to a shower, sometimes a simple activity or two is the way to go! Especially when it allows for more mingling with mama. One of my favorite inexpensive activities to do are keepsake cards. Guests can do them on their own time during the shower and mama gets a fun memory for years to come! Do her one better and put them all in a photo book for her to read during those first few weeks home with baby.

baby shower activities - dear baby card - wishes for baby

For my sister’s baby shower, we set up a little keepsake card station with a Dear Baby Card & a Wishes for Baby card. We let guests choose if they wanted to do one or both, and it was a great “icebreaker” to start the shower.

If you’re looking for an easy activity for guests, download these freebies here. We’ve even included a fun little “Keepsake Card” sign so you can set up your own little station too! 

For more Boho Garden Baby Shower inspo, check out our Party Feature here. The coordinating baby shower invitation is available here.

Best of luck in your planning endeavors!

Kaleigh, designtwentyfive owner

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